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The Road

The Road - Cormac McCarthy Wow. Always "wow" with McCarthy. I like this one even more than All the Pretty Horses. It's not, of course, better than Blood Meridian, which is his masterpiece. The language is raw and floats by in delicate chunks, but what I'm struck most by is the approach. The story is told in small bits, some not more than a few sentences. The result is the sense that what you are reading is more like a series of polaroids of the journey, rather than a standard story. We end up coming to the characters and the plot (as much as McCarthy can be said to do "plots") in snapshots and I am absolutely crazy about it. I'm surprised more people don't use this approach, actually.

McCarthy isn't one for the classic three act story (and this is no exception), but that never troubles me when reading his work. It always works, in it's own way, like a wind that blows constantly across the sand and we are carried by it: coming from nothing, ending up nowhere. His best works turn out more like life experiences than novels and I am glad for each of them I've undertaken. A damn fine read.